The Watson’s Card Sales System

I was at Watson’s the other day to get the usual items- some toiletries and vitamins. I’ve been buying the same stuff there for as long as I can remember, and each time, I rejected the offer of joining the membership.

This time was a bit different.

So, here’s how it went:

STEP 1: Offer membership verbally, but expect the usual rejection

So for the countless time, as my items were being scanned, the cashier lady asked if I wanted to join the membership. She smiled knowingly when I declined. It was a reflex, and she was already expecting it.

STEP 2: Point out what you’re missing out IN THE MOMENT

So, as she continued to scan my items, she casually pointed out what I’m missing out. According to her, it amounted to a ‘couple of hundred points’. That caught my attention.

STEP 3: Pull out collaterals

She saw that my attention was captured, and swiftly handed me a print brochure of the membership.

STEP 4: Present the offer

So at this point, I was already scanning through the brochure. But she solidified my increasing interest by verbally highlighting the main benefits.

STEP 5: Re-iterate pain and loss to counter objections

The logical side of me was beginning to kick in. My brain was starting to come up with 101 reasons why I should NOT buy the membership. But then, the lady broke through my thoughts and reiterated what I would be losing out on.

I didn’t want to lose out.

And so, I said YES!

And ever so timely, she added the membership fees to the total bill, and I proceeded to pay for it.

I stood outside the outlet for a couple of minutes just to observe, and I was completely blown away.


The same process was being replicated throughout the 3 cashiers, and one by one, people were signing up.

To me, this is a testament of how a couple of simple tweaks to the process can give you massive results.

Kudos to the minds behind this strategy – because after years of asking, they finally managed to convert stubborn prospects like me.


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