The day I became a Shifu

Awesome way to spend the weekend – co training with Imran at his Business In A Box Bootcamp Programme.

In my segment, I shared on the importance of:

  • psychology and understanding what the market wants
  • how to write and communicate persuasively, and
  • how to effectively use online advertising to boost their businesses (plus I also shared a couple of my own personal techniques that have gotten my clients really great results).

Surreal to think that 2 years ago, I sat in this very same Bootcamp as a participant with no business idea, no knowledge and zero marketing skills.


And 2 years later, I’m back here sharing my experiences on how I opened up my three businesses, as a trainer.

Because if there’s something that I learned from my mentor – is that it’s always important to pass on our knowledge and experiences to those who were once in our position.

And helping these guys to step out of the working life and building profitable businesses – it’s a fulfilling feeling unlike any other 🙂

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