I was going through my website builder

I was going through my website builder just now, and I realized that this year alone, I’ve built more than 70+ websites for my own business and various clients! Static sites, squeeze pages, sales pages, clickthroughs, lead capture pages – they’re all sequenced together to create a powerful marketing campaign for the business.

The best part?

I actually enjoy building these funnels for the clients, and seeing them get leads and sales from it. Now that’s a personal satisfaction that comes along with the job.

It also dispels the myth that a business is “old school” and no online marketing funnel can boost its sales.

I’ve worked with “boring” industries before – F&B, property investments, wedding catering etc

Each of them thought that only traditional marketing could work for them – so they were pleasantly surprised to see how much traction they got online.

Even dinosaur businesses like supply & manufacturing can benefit from online marketing & funnels – provided they know how to utilize it in its most efficient form.

If you have a business and have yet to create online marketing campaigns or funnels for it, you should seriously consider doing it.

This is the new wave of businesses – and one that you should definitely jump on. (Picture below is the Instapage website builder that I use for some clients – I use a total of 4 website builders depending on the specific function and design that I need )


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